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GL-DESIGN is a professional design studio for LED lighting companies.

Mainly engaged in LED light animation design, brochure design, website design, led light design.

The main feature is the use of 3D technology to visualize and dynamic parameters. Customers only need to provide the lamp samples and parameters, and we can complete the design of all sales materials for you.

The studio is equipped with industry-leading 3D scanning equipment, high-definition picture rendering equipment, and animation small video production equipment. All customer-supplied drawings are designed in-house, no need to rent an external server, and there is no risk of leakage outside the drawings.

Through modern FEA technology, conduct heat dissipation simulation pre-assessment for the company in the product development process. Find problems in advance and solve them.

Pre-evaluate the lighting effects in the design for the enterprise through computer optical path simulation analysis technology, and conduct third optical light distribution analysis.

At the same time, it also provides professional Chinese and English website building, maintenance, SNS external links, SEO promotion, graphic design, high-definition rendering, lighting simulation, lighting problems and other services.

All our engineers are proficient in English and have been in the LED lighting industry for many years, which can save you a lot of communication costs and time.

With our unremitting efforts, we can save a lot of engineers' labor costs for the majority of small and medium-sized lighting companies, save website marketing costs, save salesperson training costs, save product development trial and error costs, and accelerate new product marketing time.

The customer is red flower, and the design is the green leaf. We will contribute our strength to the small and medium-sized lighting enterprises to enter the front line as soon as possible.

How to design

brochure design

3D Rendering

Show Details

brochure design

Exploded Image

Show Originality

brochure design

Perspective Image

Show Structure

brochure design

Thermal Simulation Effect

Show the internal structure of lights. Analyze the thermal distribution and air convection. Can Animation.  

brochure design

Ray Trace

Show Optics R&D

brochure design

Ray Optimization

Show Optics R&D

brochure design

2D Diagram

Show Size

brochure design

Turn-on Effect

Show Lighting Effect

brochure design

Installation Lighting Effect

Show Project Effect

brochure design

.ies effect

Show Beam Shape

brochure design

Lighting Distribution Curve

Show Beam Angle

brochure design

Sectional View

Show Structure







ADD.: 4th Floor, No. 13 Qingfeng Road, Guyi Village, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City​, Guangdong Province, 528400, P.R. China.



0086 131 1010 2114 (Mobil)

Wechat: Colin13223


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