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3D Design

LED Light design

We have an engineer team to visualize your creative ideas in 3D means. 

Thermal Management

helps to design best cost-efficiency product.

We use advanced FEA technology to analyze the structure before build an actual mold. It helps to reduces mold modification times and speed up the project. This is time-saving and cost-saveing for new products development.


Optimize the shape of the emitting rays.

In traditional design, the buyer can never know the emitting shapes of the rays unless the real product come out.Once the design fails, they had to modify the mold. It is very expensive in that way. We use rays trace technology to analyze the 3rd optical design in advance. Thus the buyer is getting best ray shape at least costs.

HD Rendering

Designs visualization

led light design

During the design process, we can provide buyers HD images. It helps buyers speed up their new products marketing time. 

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